The February 2016 Bar Exam: Essay Writing for the Bar Exam

Essay writing is a skill that you must master in order to pass the bar exam. For those persons who have failed the bar exam and are repeat takers, you have to examine how you have answered your essays and look for ways to improve your performance.

Many bar examiners write the bar exam as if the essays are a first interview with a new client. Keep that in mind as you write for an uninformed audience. Assume your audience knows nothing about the law. For example, if the client says someone hit him, you want to explain to that client why it is a battery and why the facts indicate it is a battery. You set out the law and then you analyze the facts as it pertains to the law. A knowledge of the substantive law is essential, as well as how you communicate your analysis to your client.

A key to good communication is your organization. If you are poorly organized, the bar examiner will find it hard to follow your essay or to give you much needed points.

Make sure you practice writing essays. Essays will become easier to write as you practice.

Also, remember that you must finish your essay in the time allotted by your exam. You cannot get points if you do not complete your essay.

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