The February 2016 Bar Exam: Learn Your Bar Exam

Bar exams are creatures of habits. If you study your bar exam you should have a pretty good idea of what you will see when you sit for your bar exam in February 2016.

Look at past exams in your state. What is the format? Is it a long fact pattern or a short fact pattern? Look at the call of the question. What type is the call of question? Is it a generic type, i.e , talk about the issues that give you no clue as to the essay itself or is it a two or three specific questions that you can answer, pointing the way to the issues that the bar examiners want you to focus on?

Now, look at the subjects tested on your past exams. Is there a pattern of frequently tested subjects? Are there 7 or 8 topics that the bar examiners like more than others? This will enable you to practice those frequently tested subjects.

By learning your bar exam, you will be better prepared to face the unknown and you will not be surprised when you open your exam booklet on the day of the bar exam.

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