The February 2016 Bar Exam: It’s Time to Get Serious and Pull Out Those Bar Exam Books

It is the first week of January 2016 and it’s time for you to start studying for the February 2016 Bar Exam now. There are 7 weeks left to the start of the bar. In 7 weeks you will be sitting for the first day of the bar exam – and, as you know, the first day is the state portion of the bar which consists of essays, short answers, multiple choice or performance tests.

There is no longer any excuse to procrastinate – the bar exam is right around the corner and, if you have not picked up your books, grab them now and devote the next 7 weeks to passing the bar exam and becoming a practicing lawyer.

In order to pass the bar, you need two things: time-management and discipline. Sticking to a study plan will conquer both requirements. Thorough preparation is one of the keys to passing the exam and having a plan in place will allow you to manage your time and using your discipline to stick to the study schedule.

In the beginning, you are going to struggle with the voluminous materials, but keep at it and keep pushing the pace. It’s like training for a race. You first have to struggle through the repetition until it starts feeling right and you start performing at your optimal level.

If this is your second or multiple time taking the bar, get a bar tutor now. Don’t fool around hoping you’ll do better the next time. Hire an MBE Testing Institute’s bar tutor and pass the bar.

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The MBE Testing Institute knows that taking the bar exam as a repeat taker can be an isolating experience. The MBE Testing Institute helps the student keep motivated and confident through interaction with an MBE Testing Institute’s bar tutor.

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