The February 2016 Bar Exam: Working Through Your Study Plan

This is a good time of the year to remind you about your study plan. A study plan is imperative to pass a bar exam, whether you are taking it for the first time or you are a repeat bar taker. Make sure you have that study plan in place until the bar exam, which is less than 7 weeks away.

In order to pass the bar, you need two things: time-management and discipline. Sticking to a study plan will conquer both requirements. Thorough preparation is the key to passing the exam and having a plan in place will allow you to manage your time and using your discipline to stick to the study schedule.

You should first start with relearning and reviewing the outlines with some practice questions thrown in and as you pick up the pace, you’ll reverse it and do more practice questions and essays and only use your outlines for clarification on questions you get wrong or confused about.

Don’t ignore your weak areas or your strong areas. You may not need to schedule as much time in your stronger subjects, but review them as consistently as you do all the other subjects. You may not need to read or reread the outlines of your strong subjects, but during those time periods, practice your questions. You may need those extra points on the bar. For your weaker subjects, do not ignore those subjects. All bar examinees have weak subjects. Spend time on those subjects as you would other subjects and just keep practicing.

Good luck in your studying.

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