Answer the Call of the Question in the Order Given

Many bar exam essays have specific issues in the call of the question that sets out what the bar examiners want you to answer.  For example, in a torts question, the bar examiners want to know what the causes of actions are for a) Tom, b) Dick and c) Harry.

Each bar exam grader has a rubic that she follows when she grades her batch of essays.  The rubic starts with a, then b, then c.  Don’t make the bar exam grader’s job harder when she has to hunt for the answer because you started with Harry, then Tom, then Dick.

Your goal is to make it easy for the bar examiner to grade your essay and for you to get the maximum point total as you can get.  If the bar examiner can’t find what she is looking for because you have mixed up the order of the call of the question, you may be cheating yourself out of hard-earned points because she can’t find it.

Follow and answer the call of the question exactly as written.

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