Have A Progression List for Every Subject

For your essays, you must have a one page progression list for every subject your bar exam covers.

As you know, the pressure to perform well on the essays can be sometimes overwhelming. Some students have told me that on game day, when they open the exam booklet, they sometimes had a brain freeze and nothing would come out of their minds until they calmed down and began the writing process. Having a progression sheet of the major issues of each subject will enable you to recall what you must write out in a certain essay.

For example, let’s take contracts. You know that, regardless of the issue, if the essay is a contracts question, you start with determining if it’s a UCC or common law question. Then you must talk formation: offer, acceptance, consideration. Then you discuss defenses, i.e. statute of frauds, incapacity, etc.

Go through these major issues in every topic. Write out a one page outline or progression list and memorize them. Then, on essay day, you can recall your progression list and start writing, knowing that you will not forget any major issues.

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