Practicing MBE Questions

In order to do well on the MBE, you must know the fine distinctions of the law. You can study those fine distinctions by studying your outlines and then by working on questions.

It is not enough for you to work on the questions, review the answers and then move on. You must understand why you picked the right answer or the wrong answer. That is why you must read the explanation carefully, reading each answer choice explanation, whether right or wrong.

If you missed the question, ask yourself why you missed the question. Did you miss it because you didn’t know the law, didn’t know the facts or didn’t know the “trick” of the question? Sometimes with cursory reading of the fact pattern, you miss certain clues of law, certain facts that now seem important or even a confusion of what actually happened in the fact pattern. Sometimes you misapply the facts to the law.

Analyzing the question and the answer choices will help you understand if there is a pattern to your misses or if there are holes in your analysis.

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