The Answer Choices on the MBE

As we know, after the fact pattern and the call of the question, there are 4 multiple answer choices. One of those multiple choice answers is the correct one, while distractors form the other 3 choices. How do we know which choice is the correct answer?

The good thing about the MBE is that the right answer is staring at you. Your just have to find the right answer out of 4. That’s a 25% chance you’ll pick the right answer. The wrong answer choices usually come in various categories: the law is incorrect, the facts are incorrect, there is a mixture of wrong facts and wrong law, or the law is correct but doesn’t apply to your facts.

Yes, the MBE uses every trick in the book, but you can find the right answer by eliminating the wrong answers first. Being able to eliminate the wrong answers is critical to your success in finding the right answer. Because even if you don’t know the right answer, you may be able to successfully eliminate the other 3 answers and get to the right answer, even without knowing what the right answer is.

Eliminating the obvious wrong answers will substantially increase your chances of getting the right answer. If you successfully eliminate two, you chances become 50% of getting the right answer.

Remember that the correct answer must state the correct law, must state the correct facts, have a sound application of law to facts and finally needs to address and resolve the central issue in the fact pattern.

Remember, you get no points for choosing the wrong answer, so you must get the right answer for your MBE questions at a rate of at least 65% in order to pass the MBE.

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