The Distractors

In prior blogs, I’ve talked about those toxic people in your personal life. You know the type. Those are the people who like to tell you horrible stories about people who have failed the bar exam, or want you to play hooky when you should be studying.

But I have one more. I have found that there are a few law students at every law school that try to distract their fellow law students, especially those that have been studying hard. Those “distractors” have not put in the study time nor have they worked as hard as you have. Their purpose is to try to throw you off your game and to disturb your peace of mind.

There are two types of distractors. The first distractor wanders the study places, begging you for little scraps of information, i.e. wanting to know the elements of some rule, and freaking out because they don’t know the law. The other distractor wanders the study places, telling you that they are powering down because they know everything cold and they don’t need to study anymore. There was one student at my school who tried to get people to ditch their work to go play golf with him. Then on the day of the exam, he was walking around asking about the elements of negligence, or some other such nonsense. Of course, he failed the bar exam and apparently wanted others to fail with him.

The purpose of both distractors is to divert you from your own studying and to make you feel unduly nervous and anxious. They will try to undermine your own confidence. They are going to make your question your own knowledge and freak you out too. Stay away from those people. You want to keep focused and keep your mind clear and easy as you march towards your goal.

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