The Writing Process for the MPT

After completing your reading of the Library and File, you’re ready to begin the task of writing.

Your job is to discuss the issues and the controlling rule of law. Only answer the question that was asked of you.

Make sure you outline your issues and facts first. Look at the Task memo again and make sure your outline has incorporated each issue; noted the relevant facts; and cited appropriate legal authority. Look at the Memo to verify your task and what tone you must take.

Write subject headings, if it is a memo or brief. You want to combine the law with the relevant facts to write logical thesis sentences.

Give adequate treatment to the cases in the Library. You want to avoid copying passages from cases or statutes, but you do want to tell the bar examiner what the cases say in relation to your facts. Remember to blend the law with the facts. Make relevant arguments on how the law and the facts support your theory. If there are contrary authorities, cite and distinguish those cases. Cite all cases in your brief or memo.

Your review and outline of the task should take you approximately half of the time allotted. You then can write for the remaining time.

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