The July 2016 Bar Exam: 5 days to the Bar Exam: Essay Predictions

It is now 5 days to the bar exam.

During this last week before the bar exam, I have many students ask me what my prediction is for exam subjects. Anyone who claims to predict what will be on the bar exam is just guessing. I remember one year, a lecturer on the bar exam circuit claimed that since trusts had been tested in the previous test cycle, it would not be tested again and to forget about trusts. Unfortunately, many students took that advice and freaked when they opened the exam questions on the day of the bar exam and saw that the bar examiners did in fact test trusts twice in a row. This cautionary tale is meant to be what it is – do not endlessly search for predictions or to take anyone’s predictions as gospel. You have prepared for any eventuality – in any subject that is tested. Don’t try to second guess yourself and your preparation or to find a shortcut in your studies. This weekend, make sure you review every subject that is tested in your state. Only then will you be thoroughly prepared, with or without, any person’s prediction of what subjects will be tested on the essays.

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