North Carolina Central, Arizona Summit Latest Schools to be Out of Compliance with ABA Accreditation Standards

The ABA recently notified two law schools—North Carolina Central University School of Law and Arizona Summit Law School—that they were not in compliance with specific accreditation standards. Further, the ABA released a December 2017 accreditation committee decision that the Appalachian School of Law remains noncompliant with Standards 501(a) and 501(b), which deal with law school admissions.

Regarding North Carolina Central, the Jan. 4 letter states that the accreditation committee found that the law school is not in compliance with Standard 501(b) and Interpretation 501-1, which states that factors to consider in determining compliance include academic and admission test credentials, the school’s academic attrition and recent graduates’ bar passage rates. For July 2017, NCCU’s pass rate was 57%, below the 72% pass rate for the state.

The Jan. 4 noncompliance letter regarding Arizona Summit and was placed on probation by the ABA in March, states that the school is out of compliance with Standard 202(a) – which is the financial resources issue – but they are also battling very low bar pass rates.

Appalachian is still not in compliance with the ABA standards – it also has very low bar pass rates.

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