MBE Scores Sink to 34-Year Low, Resulting in Lower Pass Rates for Some States

It doesn’t look good for bar exam results July’s bar exam cycle.

The average score on the MBE hit a recent low in February, and now the average for the July 2018 test has dropped more than two points to the lowest figure since 1984.

The NCBE announced that the average score on the MBE in July fell 2.2 points to 139.5. The 2.2-point drop in the July 2018 average MBE score comes on the heels of a 10-year low for the February 2018 exam. That average MBE score fell 1.3 points, to 132.8.

That’s just slightly higher than 1984’s MBE average of 139.21. The average MBE score suggests that pass rates will fall, or at least not improve, for July 2018 results.

There have been some upticks in some states, but generally, lower performance and bar passage is expected, according to the NCBE, especially with this lower MBE score.

In Florida, 67% of July takers passed, down from 71% a year ago. In Indiana, 62% of July takers passed, down from 66% the previous year. 86% of first-time takers in Iowa passed, down from 88%. Missouri’s pass rate was 76%, down from nearly 85% a year ago.

As we know, repeat takers fail the bar at higher rates than first-time takers. The drop on the MBE score will hurt repeat takers the most. Repeat takers need every point they can get.

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