Texas Southern Launches Investigation of its Low Bar Exam Pass Rate for July

TSU has announced that it is investigating the school’s dismal pass rate on the July bar exam. Only 44.5% of Thurgood Marshall students who took that exam for the first time passed it—a rate that was by far the lowest among Texas’ 10 law schools and much lower than the pass rate from prior years. The school’s pass rate for the July exam in 2017 and in 2016 exceeded 60%.
Previously, TSU had been censored by the American Bar Association for violations of multiple academic standards and an anti-discrimination accreditation standard.

In early October, Thurgood Marshall announced that the ABA had approved recommendations made to ensure that the law school met certain standards over the next 2 year.

TSU has launched an investigation to figure out why the pass rate was so low. The dean is concerned that current students may transfer to other schools after seeing the low pass rate for the most recent bar exam.

To address the academic standards, the law school has improved its first-year program by adding new curriculum and faculty collaboration to revise and create new evaluations tools. The school is also taking steps to increase student engagement. An academic success team will provide students with timed essays and provide individualized feedback. The goal is a pass rate double the 2018 first-time results.

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