California’s Bar Exam Results Have Been Released

California’s bar exam results have been released. The pass rate fell by 9% from July 2017 to July 2018. The first time taker rate was 55% down from 62% last year. The repeat pass rate was 16% down from 28% in July 2017. Overall the pass rate was 41% down from 49% last year. 64% of the bar applicants were first time takers. Here are the general statistics.

California ABA: first time taker: 64%, repeat rate: 22%

Out of State ABA: first time taker: 58%; repeat rate: 12%

CA Accredited, not ABA: first time taker: 16%, repeat rate: 9%

Unaccredited, fixed facility: first time taker: 12%, repeat rate: 6%

Unaccredited, correspondence: first time taker: 11%; repeat rate: 8%

Unaccredited distance learning: first time taker: 23%, repeat rate: 10%

Others: first time taker: 31%, repeat rate: 16%

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