The California Blues – Nearly 60% Failed the California Bar Exam

The pass rate for the July 2018 California bar exam plunged to a 67-year low for the July test, with just 40.7% passing the bar exam.

The scores mark an 9% drop from July 2017. The 55% pass rate for first-time test-takers was down 8 points from last year.

The results mirror lower bar scores in other states. The percentage of successful test-takers in Pennsylvania, Texas, New York, Florida and Indiana all dropped. And the average score nationally on the MBE fell to a 34 year low.

First time test-takers from California-based, American Bar Association-approved schools continued to comparatively do better on the exam, posting a 64% pass rate, although it was significantly down from last years’ 70% pass rate. The out of state ABA students passed at only a 58%, down from 67% a year ago. The CA accredited (but not ABA) passed at a 16% pass rate, down from 33% last year.

The repeat taker pass rate was shockingly bad. For the CA ABA, the repeaters only passed at a 22% pass rate, down from 37% last year; the out of state ABA’s pass rate for repeaters was only 12%, down from 28% last July. The California Accredited (but not ABA) repeaters pass rate was only 9%, down from 19% last year. It gets worse from here for the unaccredited schools. Just 16% of repeat test-takers passed.

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