North Carolina UBE Bar Exam – Enroll Now for our UBE Bar Tutorials and our Raleigh UBE Saturday Classes

For repeat takers, North Carolina will be administering the UBE for the first time in February. You will need to get prepared for this new test. The MBE & UBE Testing Institute offers a complete one-on-one tutorial program for the UBE North Carolina.

Also, starting soon, the MBE & UBE Testing Institute will be conducting UBE North Carolina Saturday classes in Raleigh. The seminar classes are for repeat bar takers, foreign educated lawyers and working students and any person looking to improve on his/her essays and MBE for the North Carolina UBE Bar Examination. This seminar will address writing and substantive subjects on the exam. Special emphasis will be placed on the MPTs. The Saturday classes will be conducted by multiple law professors who have taught in several law schools on the UBE bar exam. All of the professors are experienced trial litigators.

The MBE & UBE Testing Institute knows that taking the bar exam as a repeat taker can be an isolating experience. The MBE & UBE Testing Institute helps the student keep motivated and confident through interaction with an MBE & UBE Testing Institute’s bar tutor.

When you need help passing the bar exam, contact the MBE & UBE Testing Institute at for more information, like us on facebook at UBE & MBE Testing Institute, follow us on twitter @MBETesting, see us on youtube.

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