The Fact Pattern on the MBE

After you have read the call of the question for the MBE, you now must read the fact pattern.

Do not read the fact pattern like you were reading a novel. You must read the fact pattern critically. Absorb every word, figure out the parties and the cause of actions, making notes, if you have to, on the side of the examination page. If you see dates and numbers, make sure you highlight them or write them down. An abundance of dates probably means something important, especially with contracts and formation. Sometimes property questions are so convoluted, making a tiny map of who own what can help you understand the fact pattern.

After you read the fact pattern, re-read the call of the question to make sure that you understand what the call of the question is asking you now that you’ve read the fact pattern. If you need to, you may want to again look at the fact pattern to make sure you understand what is being asked before you examine the multiple choice answers.

Remember, you have 1.8 minutes for each question. You must read quickly and carefully.

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