About the MBE Testing Institute

The MBE Testing Institute is a Center for the study and approach to passing the MBE. It is made up of legal scholars, law professors, practitioners and bar exam experts. Its mission is to provide for the MBE repeat takers the best methodology, approach and techniques needed to pass and increase their MBE scores by and through one-on-one tutorial guidance.

This process is based on the Institute’s new and innovative discipline for taking the MBE. This is based on these important elements: (1) A thorough understanding of the black letter law; (2) Factual reading; (3) Legal reasoning; (4) Factual analysis; and (5) Understanding operative facts necessary to properly interpret and “turn” the MBE fact pattern. The MBE Testing Institute’s fact based legal curriculum is designed to help all MBE repeat takers increase their scores. You can find the MBE Testing Institute at http://www.mbetestinginstitute.com.

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