The February 2016 Bar Exam: Positivity

I am of the firm belief that you must stay positive as you prepare for the exam bar. I have dealt with many people who have failed the bar exam, many who have taken it multiple times, and those students, who think that this is only a small bump in the road and attack their exam with confidence and positivity, will end up being successful on the bar exam. I have counseled many students who don’t truly, absolutely think they will pass the bar exam and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. A depressed attitude will drag you down like nothing else will – even if you know the material.

I tell my students this story. I was working with a student who did not particularly do well in law school – he was always on the bubble. When I began working with him, I remember losing my patience with him over how he wrote his essays. I told him his essays were junk and he needed to change his whole approach to writing and studying or he would fail. He looked at me and told me he was going to pass the exam but he knew he needed help to do so. He took my criticism to heart and came to my office almost every day as we worked towards his goal. He was coachable and he was positive. I used to tell him that he took to studying the bar exam like a duck to water.

The night after the essay portion of the bar exam, he sent me this wild email about how well he did on the essays and that he knew he passed the exam (not just the essays, but the entire exam). He went into the MBE with a positive outlook and with confidence and he ended up passing both portions of the bar exam with scores that were higher than we ever thought possible. When he came to my office, to celebrate, other professors were shocked that he passed the bar exam. It was his positive outlook on the bar exam that made him a lawyer.

You can either be someone who passes the bar exam or someone who doesn’t. It’s your choice to make. Tell yourself every day that you will pass the bar exam and believe it.

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